Co-creating Scientific Knowledge & Understanding

In Bournemouth University’s Department of Life & Environmental Sciences our students and staff work in partnership to co-create new knowledge and understanding. We often collaborate with professional practitioners too so the work has immediate practical benefits as well as being an inspiring way to learn. This website invites you to take a look and connect with the people involved.
For more information on the website please contact Dr Anita Diaz.

Featured Projects

BU Campus Ecology

Purbeck Wildlife 2017

Madagascan Rainforests

Picos Mountains 2016

The Wildwood Trust

Latest Projects

Hengistbury Head Assistant Ranger

Launching Dorset Unlocked

XylE-GusB chimeras

Forest resilience - Croatia

Terrain mapping

extinct megafauna - New Mexico

Phenology of six-spotted cranefly

Purbeck Heaths