Research shows that there are many things that help make a successful students, and most students have the ability to be more successful if they just focussed on the right activity. Not everything is for everybody though – everyone has their own needs and wants. However, there are a few things that we do know for sure:

    Many students leave university wishing that they had done more and done it earlier in their university life.

    Employers look for wider experience than just a degree grade when they are looking to employ graduates. A degree is usually not enough these days.

    More and more students are taking opportunities to upskill themselves at university. These people will potentially be your competitors for those graduate jobs.

Interested in trying to do a bit more now?


On the next 5 pages you'll find 5 sets of statements. For each statement, simply decide whether you agree, disagree, or whether you are unsure about how well it describes you. There are no right or wrong answers - after you have completed all the statements a report will be generated on the summary page with suggestions for how you could make the most of your university experience.

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